Ibn Abi Dawud's Kitab Al-Masahif

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In the vast treasure of books of tradition, there are some that are specific to a topic. Ibn Abi Dawud’s Kitab Al-Masahif is about the Qur’anic manuscripts and the various issues related to it.

Title: Al-Masahif

Author: Ibn Abi Dawud

Authenticity: It is established for the following reasons;

1- Continuous chain back to the Author

2- The fact that it is mentioned and attributed to the Author in;

a- Ibn Al-Nadim’s Al-Fehrist, a classic catalogue of Islamic books

b- Al-Dhahbi’s Al-Sayr

c- Kashaf Al-Zanun of Al-Haj Khalifa

3- A large number of learned men have referred to it in their works. They include;

a- Ibn Qudama

b- Ibn Kathir

c- Taj Al-Subki

d- Ibn Hajr

e- Al-Suyuti

Subjects: The Book deals with topics like;

a- Writing of the Mushaf

b- History of  compilation

c- Scribes of the prophet

d- Masahif of the companions

Important Features: the Book;

1- is divided into chapters

2- follows the methodology of Hadith scholars of giving the complete isnaad (chains of narrators)

3- has some of the narrations that go back to the Prophet (saaw), some to the companions and some to the followers (tabi’un)

4- contains both authentic and weak narrations

Written by Waqar Akbar Cheema

November 8, 2010 at 7:27 pm

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